Website Ranking Tips

                 Ideas for Improving SEO to Enhance Ranking

In order to improve the ranking and the value of a website, you need to make sure that your website is search engine optimized. By search engine optimization it is meant that its content is attractive enough for major and popular search engines like MSN, Google, Yahoo, etc. to put in their first page of results. Also, you need the keywords to show the content of your website when searched.

By making your website search engine optimized you will get more in-links and page links for your website and you will also be able to attract a large number of visitors at the same time. These are a few tips which can help people to improve their websites.

Page Links are Important

The very first thing that you should keep in my mind is related to the page links. You must keep the page links clean throughout your website.

The page the link must tell something about the content of the page, the titles must be clear and they must also have a keyword in them.

You must know that the search engine makes use of the title as the link of your website when your website results are shown after searching. It is because of this that the title must be attractive and catchy for people to like it and click onto it as a result.

How to go about the Headings?
You must also try to make use of the headings and the tags in the way they are supposed to be used. You can use the HTML markup of the pages and then you can choose from the options, the different levels of headings and then set them. The hierarchy of these pages will help you in setting up the layout of your page.

Now the headings in the options are divided into H1, H2, H3, etc. You must always use the H1 format which marks the most important text: the main headings. You must never overdo using the tags as this would not give a good impression.

ALTs and Tag Headings

You can also get help by making use of the advantages of the alts and the tag headings for your URL and the images. This can be done in a way that when you are creating another link or inserting an image inside your HTML, there are options to add titles in URLs and the ALT attribute to the images.

You must always use this and add more text about the images or the link, as this can be easily picked up by the search engine spiders and they can add the keyword to the content of your page.

Make Search and Navigation Easier

You need to make the searching of your website easier. For this purpose, you need to provide navigation for the top and bottom areas of your pages. This would help Google in finding out your website.

Use mod_rewrite Tool

The next thing that can help you in this process is using the tool of mod_rewrite. This tool can help you in making changes and improvements to the URLs of the pages within the website.

For example, if there is a URL like 0000.selena/Gomez/dis0000php/009, then, using this tool you can convert it to www.selenagomez-diseny.html.

Use Keyword in the URL

Using keywords in the addresses and links of your pages can also help a lot as they make a huge difference.

Keywords can be searched quickly and they are kept in your mind. They can also later be searched for quickly by Google.

Use Meta Tags

You must make your website good by making use of the Meta tags. These Meta tags help you in a way that they describe a lot about the real content of your website. They also make your website look attractive.

Robot Texts

Robot texts must also be used. Furthermore, you should also make sure that the keywords are present in the pages as they would give your website a high ranking.

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