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How To Submit Your Blog Content To Dmoz Directory

Directory Submission is a part of search engine optimization. Thousands of dictionary are available to submit an article. Dmoz is one popular Open Directory project, many search engine including Google, Yahoo, AOL use Dmoz data to index website. When you submit an article to Dmoz the search engine will crawl your link along with Dmoz data. So it will help you to get fast index and ranking.

Dmoz is free and trusted web directory. It is work since 1998 around the web. First Dmoz helpful source for permanent, relevant inbound links, which will help bring improved ranking and traffic. Currently, the Dmoz have more than 97000+ editors and 10+ million articles in their web index.

After read all about Dmoz, you also want to submit. Yaa!! you can submit your article freely but it's hard to get approve your listing at Dmoz. When you submit article its will be reviewed by Dmoz editor and after if they like your article they will publish your listing. To get your site listing to approve there are a couple of tactics. We’ve found that if you have an old domain that you get the fast listing and reviewed than a newly coming website. You also can become an editor to increase chances for listing. So lets now we’ve gone on the main topic.
How To Submit Your Blog Content To Dmoz Directory

    You can see the most popular category on the homepage. Check all categories and choose a relevant category to fit your website.

 When you open any main category, you will found thousands of subcategory, now choose the perfect matching category for your niche.
After clicking on the subcategory you can see suggest URL in top of the site.

On that page, A-z guideline explained follow it step by step and go ahead.
You need to sign up via your email address and user verification.
Before submitting read Submission agreement and once complete you agree with it, press submit.

After complete submission, wait for confirmation mail about submission. If your content got approved by Dmoz, your listing will be publishing.
All of the website submissions are reviewed carefully by Dmoz member & editor.

Once your article will approve and site listing is published, you will lifetime backlinks and listing on Dmoz. Dmoz never deletes any approved listing. If your site in another language, you also can submit.

Dmoz will accept most of the languages. Make sure about category selection neither you will never get approved. Dmoz not index all of the submitted websites. If you change something on your website like title, description, etc, that you also can update your name and description on Dmoz.

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