Index Your New Website In Google Quickly

Whenever you will start blogging with a new website, the first point is that hows people find you, you instant say through a search engine. Ya its right but you should be known that hows search engine index your site.
Most the newbies are faced with indexing problem. Because the search engine takes a few days to take index your site in search. So the question is that hows we can ping Google for a new blog? here are basic tips to get fast index your website in search engine.

Create Sitemap and Submit to Google Webmaster Tools

The first step after updating some content on the new website is sitemap. Create a sitemap and submit to Google through webmaster tools. Go to Webmaster official blog, there are you can find information about making a sitemap. If you are using CMS like WordPress that don’t need to create just install sitemap plugin and generate a sitemap. As like Google, you can submit a sitemap to bing, yahoo and as you want. Every search engine has its own webmaster tools you can go with it to submit a sitemap.

Create Social Profiles and Share Your New Blog

Social media is the best way to index your site in a few hours. As we discussed above crawler index your site through a link. When you share your links on social media, the bot will come from there to index your sites. Create a profile and start sharing, you can use any of social media sites. But I recommended Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Stumbleupon. You also can place your link on youtube video description and in bookmark site like Delicious.

Make Backlinks Quickly

Backlinks are the best way to get ranking with quick indexing. But it's hard to make backlinks. If you are thinking to make through comment or forum that good but its take time. Because forum and website are taking time to approve backlinks and its chances are low to get a unique backlink on high pr website with just commenting. I have an idea!! no need to comment or forum posting. Just enter your homepage URL to Google+ and youtube. Also, you can use the product forum of Google. In short, use Google-owned any product and place your homepage links directly.

Above discussed all point is very helpful but never do spamming by placing your link in thousands of website or profile. Just used valued service or social media for sharing. The WordPress user can use plugins to auto-share post on social media. When your post is quickly indexed by a search engine, its increase lot of chances for high ranking on the search engine.

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