Godaddy Best For Indian Blogger

Godaddy is the largest domain registrar and web hosting company. Godaddy is very popular for the cheap price domain name. It also offers many other services like SSL certification, Seo tools, domain whois data, cash parking, domain reselling, affiliate and many more.

However when you ask someone what is GoDaddy, the first word you heard domain registrar company. It's right I also used Godaddy from the last 5 years. Godaddy is a place where beginners can buy hosting or domain in a small budget.

Why Godaddy Is The Best For Indian Blogger?

Godaddy is best for domain & hosting, however, I don’t suggest Godaddy hosting because it has a limit. Godaddy offers to host at a cheap price but it's just good for beginners. Godaddy is not offering unlimited disk space and database like as Bluehost or Hostgator.

But it is good for low traffic websites and beginners. I recommended Godaddy domain to every blogger, you can ask

Why Godaddy Is The Best? the answer you will get below.

Domain at very Cheap Price

Godaddy is the best domain registrar in India, it provides domain at a very cheap price. I don’t know Godaddy nature in another country but in India, I always choose Godaddy to buy a domain name. You can buy .com domain at just 99, .net at just 299.

Payment Method

Most beginners want to buy the domain but don't have a credit card, that Godaddy supports many payment methods. You have many ways to pay like Net Banking, debit card, Cash card, Paypal, etc.

Always Discount

Godaddy offer discount for any products anytime, just go to Google and search Godaddy coupon you will find thousands of coupon code and the best deal. Most of the companies are selling their cheap product with discount but here you can find discounts for any product.

Good Support System

The Godaddy support system is 100% good in India. Most people can’t solve the problem with a support system, because don’t have communication skill. Here Godaddy offers support in your language. When you call GoDaddy if you knew Hindi representative will talk with you in Hindi. Free toll-free support is the best service I have ever seen in India

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