Get more traffic to your blog with three easy steps

Are you promoting your blog under a tight schedule? Finding it hard to frequently update your blogs with fresh content?

If you are blogging in your free hours, it can seem nearly impossible. You are always battling to publish a post every weekday and sometimes you can’t even cope with that. You want to participate in forums, do SEO, social networking, article marketing and so on but you also have a day job, family, friends, personal needs to take care of that are also vital to your life.

And so you keep wondering, should you continue battling with your daily activities and doing the best you can?

Or is there a better strategy that is less time-consuming?

I have been doing research to the above question about a year ago and after working with more than 50 bloggers and experimenting with different things, I reckon I have found a satisfactory solution.

As it turns out, the answer isn’t doing more and more any more but rather doing less quality blogging.

Keep reading these blogging tips for more information.

Step One of Blogging Tips: Publish only one blog post each week

Whoever said you have to make a blog post every single day?

Nobody as far as I can tell can give you a concrete answer. It’s just what a lot of people believing it will bring them traffic, and so most of us assume it’s the only way out.

But it’s not.

If you are small of time, there’s nothing incorrect with cutting back on the number of blogs you publish. You never can tell your readers might even be grateful for giving them time to keep up with your post. Most folks have so much stuff to read that they don’t have time to keep up with all of your posts and probably they feel terrible about it. By cutting back on the number of blog posts, you make it simpler for them to remain an active subscriber.

So how many posts should you publish in a week?

There’s no set number but here’s my recommendation, start with a one really excellent post every week and if you happen to have more free time as time goes on, you can work your way up.

A well-written blog can get you more links as well as traffic than hundreds of hurriedly written ones. No doubt, some writers are quicker than others but in general, if you are spending less than a couple of hours on most of your posts, you are most likely going on a quick pace. Quality is still more vital than quantity.

The truth is, if you are providing quality blogs there is a high tendency that you will double or triple your traffic, at the same time this will help free up your time for another aspect of your marketing.

Step Two of Blogging Tips: Submit one guest post every month on well-loved blogs

There are tons of strategies for promoting a blog. In the real sense, you would want to use them all and digging dozens of channels for traffic to flow in.

There’s only one problem: you don’t live in an ideal world. And neither do I.

Fact is if you were working on your blog full-time with a dozen employees to give you a helping hand, you really can not get everything done.

So don’t try to play around instead, focus on one strategy until you are excellent at it.

I would advise you to start with guest blogging.

Here are my reasons: pretty much every other traffic technique depends on you having lots of connections.

To make SEO worthwhile you need a lot of links from trusted sites. To get the best from Twitter, you need to get re-tweets from folks who have many followers. To get the best out of social bookmarking, you need connections with social media power users who can generate dozens or even hundreds of votes for you.

And that’s tough when you’re just starting out because you don’t have any of those things I mentioned above.

From my own point of view, it’s far much simpler to build relationships with well-established sites first and then use those connections to fuel your other marketing methods.

If you can publish just one guest post every month for well-known blogs, in twelve months, you will have made connections with 12 highly influential people who can help you grow your blog pretty quicker. This strategy is not going to give you 100,000 subscribers all by itself but it will certainly give you a nice foundation, and one you can build on to grow your blog.

Step Three of Blogging Tips: Slowly start doing more posts and marketing

Once you start seeing the rewards of your effort, you’ll find it’s a lot simpler to do more.

Generally, people tend to be more motivated to work when something is working. If you land a guest post on a huge blog and get a few hundred subscribers, you won’t have to push yourself so hard to work on your next blog. You’ll have that urge to do more, and that makes blogging more enjoyable and fun.

You would also have established the connections you need to slowly start trying some other marketing methods. Case in point, you could:

Publish a special content, such as a free report or video and then use your connections to get links from top blogs.
Build a following on twitter to help advertise your posts and then strategically make a post go viral.
Pick a search phrase that is getting hundreds of thousands of searches monthly and then makes use of your connections to get trusted links.

None of those techniques are groundbreaking new. Anyone who has been blogging for a while would probably dream about attracting links, building large twitter followers and getting a first-page ranking on the three major search engines.

The difference is you will really be able to accomplish it.

Cutting down your posting schedule will help you to free up some time you need to work on marketing and guest blogging will offer you the connections you need to pull them off.

It’s a very simple method but it’s also one that gives you everything you require while investing a more reasonable amount of time.

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