Site Optimization and Back Links Works Best

On-Site Optimization and Back Links Works Best

Have you ever also heard your SEO guy say “An empty page without content can rank on page #1 as well?”
Again – Also true… Provided there isn’t much competition for that keyword.
Because of these, most SEO guys tend to take the easy way out and focus their time and energy in getting backlinks.
They literally forgot about Search Engine’s mission: and that is to end the search.

To my fellow SEO consultants, it will take 10 times fewer backlinks to Rank on Page 1 of Google.
Make sure you consult your customers to opt for on-site optimization.
Site structuring, correct robots, keyword density, sitemaps and proper on-site optimization BEFORE they even start building backlinks.

The fact that any website can rank on page 1 of Google with enough backlinks doesn’t automatically make that the best SEO Strategy. Especially when it’s done on the backs of your customers (ie the Greenbacks that is..) Simply because you're going to have to charge more because you’re doing 10x Times the work to get the same results.

A smart SEO Consultant will Opt for OnSite Optimization, and Link building. to improve Website Ranking and SEO Performance.
With unlimited backlinks, any website can rank #1 in Google. But with a good On-Site Optimization, you can rank on the 1st page for a lot fewer backlinks.

Which one do you prefer to pay for?
With SEO the only way to consistently beat your competition online is to have both on-site optimization, and backlinking SEO is done at the same time, and do better than your competitors”
On-Site Optimization and Back Link building (aka Off-Site Optimization) the best way to SEO

Site A has good content and on Site Optimization with backlinks – Site B has crappy content and relies only on backlinks.
All Search Engines have a common mission: To improve Search Experience.
So Site A is (because it has better on-site optimization is worth 10 times the backlinks than Site B. Why?
Because Site A has. Better On-Site Optimization Leverage. In the eyes of Search Engines, Site A has better-defined content than Site B. By ranking Site A high, they are improving their search results. On the other hand, if they rank Site B high, they are not presenting the best search results to the users. Now you understand how important On Site Optimization is to SEO.

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