How to wright a Article

It is good to write content for readers and not for search engines.

The Internet runs blog contents for search engines. Most of the bloggers are writing and creating new articles for search engine and for the people. What am saying is that they are creating articles for getting visitors and not considering the regular visits of the readers. Are you a blogger under this category? then I am gonna clear you with some questions and answers relevant to it.

For whom I should write the Content and article?  People

Why I should promote my article and content to social media? To get more visitors and to perform better on search engines. 

Why should I create multiple links for your content?  To increase traffic to your blog as it is a part of SEO.
Why I need reviews or comments on my blog posts?   To make your blog popular. 

So finally am concluding that the articles and content writing is to get more targeted people. If still, you are working hard to make your website or blog search engine relevant, then here are the reasons to write down for your audience before the search engines.

Adding particular SEO will definitely give profit to you with some bucks but that is not comparable to your regular blog readers because they do not come to your site again. Though In real SEO is important for success for a blog or website but you should not over optimize SEO with your readers. (this paragraph is not needed)

Write for Your Readers, Not for Search Engines:
  • Search engines aren’t its own readers.
  • Search engines can’t find out what your target market is.
  • Search engines can’t reach you.
  • Search engines don’t raise your rank till you begin attracting an associate audience to your web site.
  • Search engines can’t: Be relevant, educated and persuade to extend your business further as your rank.
  • Search engines can’t “link” your website with different important sites
  • The search engine can’t give your audiences for comments to additional “links” and grow your rank.
  • Search engines can’t scan your analytics to optimize the keywords and content that’s raising your rank.
  • Search engines don’t acknowledge whether or not the audience returning to your website is there to analysis, shopping  or downloading
  • Search engines can’t share your content.
  • Search engines can not speak your audience’s language or feeling their emotions.
  • Search engines can’t provide your audience about what they need.
  • Search engines can’t reward your loyal client.
  • Search engines can’t build your temperament shine through.

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