Blogger is the easiest blogging platform. Blogger customization is really easy. When compared to other blogging platform Blogger is the easiest one to create a customize a blog. Blogger providing more widgets/gadgets to customize your Blogger blog.

Need to customize your Blogger blog :

After creating a blog on your Blogger account, You can see the appearance of your blogger blog, just by typing and clicking your blog URL in your browser address bar.  Your blog will not be looking to be attractive at the beginning without doing any customization.
To make your Blogger blog attractive, you have to do at least minimum customization.

What is the minimum customization :

The minimum customization is applying an attractive and suitable theme to your Blogger blog
  • Changing Blog title and description
  • Adding page tags to your blog
  • Changing header and footer background color
  • Changing your blog layout
  • Finally adding widgets/gadgets to your blog
These are the minimum customization you must do before starting posting articles on your Blogger blog

How to start customizing your Blogger blog:-

Before start customizing your Blogger blog, First, choose the good template for your blog and apply that theme to your Blogger blog.

How to change your Blogger blog Template :

Blogger providing some limited set of free templates. After creating a blog, a default template will be applied to your Blogger blog. If you want to change your blog template,
  • Click on Template on your Blogger Dashboard
  • Choose Blogger template and click on Apply to blog.
That’s it, You applied template will be successfully applied to your blog.

Changing your blog layout :

To change your blog layout,
  • Click on Template
  • Click on Customize
  • Click on Layout, Now choose Body layout and Footer layout
  • Finally, click on Apply to Blog to save changes.

Changing Blog title and description :

After applying a changing your blog layout, you can start customizing your Blogger blog

First, you have to do is, Add/Change appropriate blog title and description to your blog.
To blog title and description,
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Basic under Settings
Now at the top of the page, you can see Title and Description,
  • Click on Edit button next to Title and change your blog title, Like this, change Description.

Adding page tags to your blog :

After adding Blog Title and Description to your blogger blog, the next thing you have to do is, Add page tags to your blog
To add page tags to your Blogger blog,
  • Click on layout
  • Click on Add a widget below your blog title
  • Add Pages widget to your blog
  • Create a new page and Go to your blogger layout and click on edit of your page widget
  • Select the page which you want to show on your blog, and finally click on save the widget.

That’s it, Now your blog pages will appear below your blogger blog header.

Changing header and footer background color :

Adding background color to your Blogger blog will give a good appearance to your Blogger blog.
To change Header and Footer BG color,
  • Click on Template and then click on Customize
  • Click on Advanced
  • Click on Blog Title
Now you can see Header Background option on right side
  • Click on the which you want to add to your blog header
  • Now Scroll down the cursor and click on Footer and add a background color
  • Click on Apply to Blog to save changes.

Finally adding widgets/gadgets to your blog:-

Next, you have to add useful widgets to your blog.  Blogger providing more widgets, choose useful widgets like Popular Posts and Search Box and add to your blog.
To add widgets to your Blogger blog,
  • Click on Layout
  • Click on Add a Gadget on your sidebar
  • Choose a Widget you want to add and click on + Button next to the widget name
  • Now the widget will open, do changes what you want and Click save to save the widget.
Like this, you can add any Widget to your Blogger blog

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