NINE Ways To Promote Your Blog

                        Ways To Promote Your Blog

You write a post, add the keywords and publish it, how will you feel if no one reads it? If I’m not wrong, you will feel very bad! That’s because it has not reached the people. Some strategies need to be followed so that your post gets a lot of gits. By hits I mean you get readers.

Promoting your blog post is very important and here are 10 Tips on how to promote a blog post.

1. Social Networking

If you get these tips right, almost 65 % of your traffic will come from Social Networking. First and foremost don’t forget to post it to your Facebook fan page, then in your Facebook profile and then in your Twitter account. Post it in these sites in such a way that people get attracted and always visit your site.

2. Social Bookmarking

Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit are some of the common Social Bookmarking sites today. These types of sites help you to get more and more traffic. Once it's in bookmarking sites, you have a good chance of having comments and visitors.
3. Commenting With Post link

This is the latest effective method of promoting your blog. If you are taking an active part in Forums and commenting on other blogs, this works out. Post your Comments and Replies in the websites with your link. There are even some spammers. So always post the links with genuine comments.

4. E-Mail

Don’t even forget to mail the link of your post to the Subscribers and Viewers. This can give out massive traffic.
5. Newsletters

If you have a big email list, then you can send updates of your Blog and Articles through Emails and Messages.
6. Email Signatures

Most of us have our blog link URL in the Email Signatures but alternatively, some People add Latest Post links to the Email Signatures. But, this way look good and people will directly get the link of post or blog.

7. Advertising

This is a costly process and won’t work wonders for each and every post. Paying money, you should only advertise your post and then the rest of others. This will get your blog post a good amount of traffic but may be costly.

8. Social Messaging

How can we forget this one? This is one of the best and efficient way to get more traffic. Update your Chat and status with your latest post and people are going to see it.

9. Follow up Posts

In this, you could mention your posts in the next post you write. This is not much effective but at least you can get some traffic.
Hope you all enjoyed the post! Please do share with us more ways to promote our blog post and your views on this article!

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