Best SEO Strategies

                     Website Optimization Strategy

SEO is mostly based on keywords. Select up to four keywords related to your niche or topic. Use Google AdWords or a similar tool to analyze search volumes and find out which keywords are popular among your audience. Look for words people type in a search engine when they are looking for information related to your products or when they want to buy this kind of product. 
Your keywords should correspond to what your customers are searching, not to words you would use to describe your products. Stay up to date with keyword trends; people might start searching for more precise keywords once your business becomes more popular.

Re-assess the relevance of your keywords at least once every two months. Update your site frequently with quality content. This is the best way to keep people interested in your business and to get repeat visitors.

The more visitors you get, the higher your site will rank in search results. Writing new content regularly is important to feature your keywords and share links on other sites. These links are known as back-links and will bring visitors and search engine spiders to your site if you properly optimize your anchor text with strong keywords describing the content of your latest updates. 

You can share these updates by posting links on news articles, blog posts or message boards. Search engines will consider your content as related to these sites if you get back-linked on a regular basis. Create an XML map of your site and update it every time you make changes to the organization of your site. Creating an XML map will also help you organize your site so it can easily be navigated. A search engine will analyze your site quickly and index more than one page if the code is easy to go through.

This means you should keep your design as simple as possible: do not use a picture for your background or a banner as your header. If you include pictures, videos or flash content on your site, use alt tags to describe this content with keywords. You also need to build a strong network of links from one page to the other so that search engine spiders and visitors read throughout your site instead of seeing only one page. 

Make sure your important pages are more visible than others so that the search engine can index them. Follow these useful tips and start optimizing your site. Creating an optimized site is a lot of work, but once you have the structure of your site ready, you only need to keep writing quality content and getting more back-links posted to attract more potential customers.

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