How to make a website for free

How to make a website

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If you want to make a website for free or within the low cost, then you are in the right place.   

So in this blog, I will tell you how to create a website, so stay connected.

We are going to start with basic from trash. If anyone doesn’t have any knowledge of HTML, JAVA, C++ or any programing language when also he or she can make a website.
Without any wasting time, we will start our program How to make a website free on google
If we do not want to purchase any hosting any storage space or other investment so where is a platform which helps to create a website for free that is blogging.
People misunderstand between writing a blog and creating a website.
 A powerful website can be made using the blogging platform.

          So which blogger site to choose to create a website!

There are two powerful platforms to make a website     

                          is powered by Google, it gives free hosting and storage space. Here a number of free themes are available to design the website, we don’t have to build a website or to design a website.
 So how to make an account in
      1)    It is simple just search

       2) Sign in with email id enter a password.

You have created an account in

   3) After that, a new will box will appear as below, In Title type website name you want. 

           In the address type any name you want for your website like 

 In title- Type your website Name
 In address- Type your web address

  In the address section, we need a domain
Now just purchase a domain. So now what is a domain now, domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain and name represents about a dozen IP addresses.

           Now where to buy a domain?

There are many sites to buy website just buy a domain for a cheap rate.

 In India, you can buy from and big
The Domain is necessary for approval of Adsense. You make to buy a domain like or (com, in), etc.
Now add your domain to You can buy a domain now or later.

That's it Blogger account is created

         How to make an account in Same technique is used to make a website in
Just follow the steps:-
1)Choosing web hosting
2)How to install WordPress from 
3)Installing a template to change your site’s design 
4)Creating new pages in WordPress 
5)Customizing WordPress with add-ons and extensions 

   1)Just visit WORDPRESS.ORG, then click on GET WORDPRESS

2)Then a new box will appear, Now Download the WORDPRESS

              Install WordPress and login to it, just simple like that.
You can choose or both are powerful tools to make a website. But if anyone is a beginner you should try

   Now How To Earn Money              

Before starting We Have To Make Website Fully Completed And Attractive. So People Will Visit The Website.



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